Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back To School Tag!

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I found this tag and decided to give it a go. I tag harrietjacksonx and beautybyeden along with all of you to do this! Please feel free to leave a link below if you do this tag and I'd love to go and read it.

1. What year/grade are you going into?
Year 11 which I believe is 10th Grade in the US?

2. What day do you start school?
September 3rd I think?

3. Did you have summer homework? Did you finish?
I had a lot to do and I have scheduled this so hopefully I have gotten my homework done!

4. What are you wearing for the first day of school?
I wear a school uniform so this isn't something I have to think about.

5. What classes are you taking?
I take English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Art, Business Studies, Spanish and French.

6. When do you usually wake up/go to bed on school nights?
I usually aim for 10 - 10:30pm to go to bed but then I go on my phone for ages so I end up actually falling asleep at like 11:30… I'm working on it though. Then I usually get up at 7am but I think this year I need to get up slightly earlier to make time for a shower in the morning rather than at night.

7. What do you find most stressful about school?
Keeping ontop of my work during school holidays.

8. Are you excited to go back?
Not for the work obviously but i do enjoy the school environment with all of my friends and everything  so I guess I'm not dreading it but I'm not excited.

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